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SEIU and Priorities USA Action have launched one of the largest-ever independent Spanish-language campaigns using Mitt Romney's own words to remind Latino voters and working families where the presidential candidate really stands.

In the groundbreaking $4 million radio and television ad buy, "Mitt Romney: En Sus Propias Palabras" (Mitt Romney: In His Own Words), working Latinos react to the GOP candidate's casual banter about being unemployed and his affection for "firing" people.

Romney's tainted record shows how the multi-millionaire has made a career out of driving companies into bankruptcy and laying off workers without the health and retirement benefits they had earned, only so that he could generate profit for himself and his wealthy, corporate shareholders.

The ads feature local Latinos voicing their disapproval; many of them insulted from some of Romney's callous remarks. "He's making fun of us; of the people who don't have work. What he is saying is not fair," reacted a Denver Latino voter. "I cannot vote for Romney."

Another Florida Latino voter added, "He doesn't think of us."

"Our kids are suffering and he makes a joke... I cannot imagine voting for him," says another offended Nevada voter.

The new Spanish-language ads are part of a broader effort to illustrate what a Mitt Romney presidency would mean for Latinos and working families everywhere. His condescending rhetoric regarding the middle-class and the Latino community are clear indicators of the devastating policies that would come with his administration.

The truth lies in Mitt Romney's very own rhetoric - a rhetoric that leaves little to the imagination and proves how out of step he is with the Latino community.

"Pictures don't lie and neither does video. The camera makes clear whether the politician is speaking to you or about you; whether the message conveys respect or disdain, or whether you are included or excluded from their vision of America and the future," said Eliseo Medina, SEIU International Secretary-Treasurer.

"When Latinos hear Romney, in his own words, they really know what's going on and what he is saying. They know what he means, and what it would mean for their families if he were to be elected president. Mitt Romney's policies would be devastating for Latino families."

The Latino vote will be crucial this November. The radio and television ads will be running in Nevada, Colorado and Florida throughout the summer. The trio of states stand for 44 of the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidential election.

As Latinos take note of Romney's words, they will not stand for insulting, hostile and unwelcoming attacks on working families. Come November, they will exercise their voting power to elect a candidate that truly embodies their values and desire to move the country forward with good, job-creating policies that won't come at their expense.

The choice is clear: President Obama has and will always stand up for the Latino community and working families in America.

See and hear Romney's own words in the radio and tv ads here: http://action.seiu.org/romneys-words.

Read Eliseo Medina's Huffington Post op-ed discussing voters' reactions to Mitt Romney as he talked about working people, immigrants, and the 99%.

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