9:52 AM Eastern - Friday, July 13, 2012

9 Million Latinos At Risk Under Republicans' Threat To Repeal Obamacare #the-healthcare-law

LatinoWomen-Romney.jpgIt would be a disaster if up to nine million Hispanics were to lose their access to health insurance or be denied coverage if they became sick.

Good thing that could never become a reality, right? Sadly, not if the GOP has their way...

SEIU launched new radio ads earlier this week to counteract anti-reform efforts by informing Latino voters about what they stand to lose if Republican lawmakers have their way and repeal Obamacare. The campaign includes Spanish-language radio ads and major mailings in Colorado, Nevada, and Virginia.

Among the 9 million Hispanics who are at risk under the GOP's threat to repeal the Affordable Care Act are about 750,000 young Hispanics who would lose coverage under their parents' plans and almost 4 million elderly and disabled Hispanics who are now eligible for expanded preventive care under the act.

"This attack on health care is an attack on our children and their wellbeing," said Fabiola Morales-Rivera, a member of SEIU Local 1107 in Nevada. "Before the ACA passed, I worried for years what would happen to my son if he didn't have health insurance. Where is the humanity in that?"

Listen to the radio ads here: http://action.seiu.org/HCR4Latinos.

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