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SEIU Ads Highlight Devastating Cuts in the Romney/Ryan Budget #the-healthcare-law

RomneyRyanBudget_sign.jpgSEIU has been leading the media focus on the damage that the budgets proposed by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would cause to working families and retirees, most recently launching radio ads in Florida displaying the details of their extreme budget.

A recent Politico article centers on this aspect of SEIU's push back campaign, highlighting our series of radio ads contrasting the difference between Obama and Romney on Medicare. "These ads are the next step in a multi-layered offensive to highlight the differences between candidates on key issues like Medicare and Medicaid...By choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate, Mitt Romney gave us a gift," said SEIU political director Brandon Davis. "We have been out for months showing the connection between Romney and the extreme Ryan budget. Romney just helped us illustrate our point."

This week, the concept of a "defined benefit" Medicare plan--not guaranteed benefits--was unveiled as part of the Republican National Committee platform. Recent poll results released by SEIU and Daily Kos show that while Paul Ryan has some support for his budget plan, the majority of voters strongly oppose the idea of a "voucher" for Medicare.

The Bottom Line: Romney and Ryan would end Medicare as we know it by replacing guaranteed Medicare benefits that Americans have worked for and paid into with a "voucher" plan that leaves them paying more for their healthcare in retirement. Americans deserve better.

Listen to the radio ad at http://www.medicareromneyryan.com.

To find out what the Ryan plan would cost current and future Medicare beneficiaries of varying ages, check out the Center for American Progress' infographic below:


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