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ANOTHER Study Shows Poor Implementation of Pennsylvania Voter ID Law #default

Dr-Lic-Ctr1.jpgA new report further confirms that Pennsylvania's voter ID law is being poorly implemented, threatening the voting rights of more than 750,000 voters. The study, conducted by the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, found that voters were getting little or inconsistent information about the documentation needed to get their free voter ID from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT).

Some of the problems highlighted in the study included (after the break).

Read more about the challenges voters in PA are facing as they try to obtain their ID cards in a new study released earlier in the week from SEIU and Color of Change. Read compiled personal testimonies on SEIU.org here for a firsthand illustration of the undue burden the ID law is placing on would-be voters.

  • Documents (a flyer and Q&A) that discuss the new IDs were not available to any of the observers in the study.
  • Some PennDOT locations are requiring more documentation than is required.
  • There is very little written information available about the free IDs at PennDOT centers, which confuses and discourages voters.
  • Some PennDOT staffers actively discouraged voters trying to obtain the ID.
  • Although PennDOT updated the forms for obtaining non-driver's photo ID to specify that the ID was free, 2/3 of the forms given to voters were not current and indicated that the ID cost $13.50.

It is evident that the inadequate implementation of the voter ID law disenfranchises hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians and puts their voting rights at great risk.

You can read the full report (PDF) here.

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