2:36 PM Eastern - Thursday, September 6, 2012

Update from Charlotte: Our healthcare, our choice, our vote #default

Robert Chu

If you've been watching the Democratic National Convention on TV at all, you've probably seen some of our SEIU signs: "Good Jobs NOW," "Immigrant Justice" and "Our healthcare, our choice, our vote." Our member delegates and leaders have made our presence know here, on and off the convention hall floor.

A few things I wanted to share:

  • SEIU member Robert Chu, a Washington delegate to the Convention, talked to us about healthcare, and why President Obama's re-election is so important to him. Click here to watch his incredible story.
  • DNC Delegate and SEIU Local 1000 Member Tisa Rodriguez has been making video diaries of her experience in Charlotte. Yesterday she attended our forum on Obamacare with President Mary Kay Henry, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and a number of other healthcare leaders. Watch her latest diary from here.
  • Click here to read some of our other updates from Charlotte. We'll keep updating for the rest of the week.

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