10:49 PM Eastern - Wednesday, October 3, 2012

With Presidential Debate Over, Time to Go All In to Win for the 99% #default

I just finished watching the presidential debate with my sisters and brothers at an SEIU Local 105 watch party -- and hearing President Barack Obama's plans to restore the middle class and bring good jobs to this country just reinforced why I've been registering voters and getting commitments from voters to turn out and make their voices heard.

Tonight, the president shared his ideas -- ideas like creating a million new manufacturing jobs, doubling exports, and reducing the deficit in a balanced way that protects the middle class.

This is a vision that says our country does better when we all do better.

In 2008, after becoming a U.S. citizen, I voted for Barack Obama, and now I get that chance again. I also know that it's not enough to "just vote," so that's why I'm knocking on doors and making sure that others join me in voting against the trickle down policies that caused the Great Recession.

You can join me in volunteering by going to http://action.seiu.org/99gov and volunteering to fight for the 99% in this election. Together, we can make sure we live in a country where everybody has to pay their fair share, where we all have access to quality, affordable healthcare, and where there is a pathway to citizenship for every immigrant worker.

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