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How much more will women have to pay for birth control if Romney wins the election? #default


It's a terrifying but *important* question to ask, as millions of women voters prepare to head down to the polls to vote on November 6.

Throughout this election cycle, Republicans like Ann Romney have been doing their best to convince the media and women voters that contraception is not an economic issue for women in this election.

This could not be less true. As Jezebel puts it:

"The War on Women, as the GOP line goes, is a myth drummed by the liberal media to distract from important economic issues. Issues like jobs, the economy, and building a an oil pipe across the middle of the country. And unplanned pregnancies aren't free. And ignoring the health needs of low income women won't make them go away -- it will just make things more complicated and expensive."

At SEIU, we've been looking for an easy-yet-functional online way to tangibly demonstrate this to women. Enter our new birth control calculator, which is embeddable and shareable:


The data in the tool applies to all women voters of childbearing age and calculates how much a Romney-Ryan White House would cost (i.e. lady voters such as myself).

The truth: If elected as president, Mitt Romney's ceaseless attacks on the Affordable Care Act and reproductive rights would have a profound impact on a women's health AND economic well-being, as well as that of her family.

For women in America, there are not many things more closely tied to our economic health than whether or not we are responsible for feeding, clothing and sheltering another human being (besides ourselves, that is). If birth control becomes less accessible and more costly - which Romney's policies support - then fewer women will be on birth control.

In terms of healthcare and equality, the Romney-Ryan ticket spells second-class healthcare for women and opens the door for politicians and employers to dictate our personal health decisions.

So....now it's time for a quick "compare the candidates" summary:

  • A Romney-Ryan White House would turn back the clock on women's health and the health of their families.
Romney has promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act on "day one" and believes Roe V. Wade should be overturned. Romney also supports the Blunt Amendment, which would allow corporations and CEO's to deny coverage of health services - including contraception - to their employees on the basis of their personal moral objections.
  • President Obama would continue to work to deliver access to affordable health care to all Americans.
He would empower nurses and doctors to deliver the quality of care their patients are counting on; enable and protect a woman's personal health decisions as well as her right to choose. He would continue to ensure women be protected from gender discrimination in the insurance market.

Now that you're fully informed, isn't the choice clear?

Visit http://birthcontrolcalculator.com and share the tool with the women in your life via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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