1:08 PM Eastern - Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Congress needs to hear from you on immigration reform. #default

20130204-Immigrationemail.jpgThe House Judiciary Committee is holding hearings on immigration reform today. The hearings will include nativist groups who advocate limited immigration and greater enforcement. Today they will try to convince Congress that a clear and timely road to citizenship for undocumented immigrants is a bad idea.

Will you take this moment to call your member of Congress?

We support reform that provides a clear, direct roadmap to citizenship for the hardworking undocumented immigrations contributing to our nation. We believe that living in second class status for decades is not in line with our American values.

We must let lawmakers know that the time has come to make sure our immigration system reflects our values of opportunity and equality and gives immigrants who have met stringent requirements a chance to earn their citizenship in a timely manner.

Anti-immigrant voices will rise to obstruct and jeopardize any attempts at fixing our broken immigration system. Our elected representatives need to hear your voice, they need to know that we will support them when it's time to stand up to hatred and xenophobia.

Please let your Representatives know that we support commonsense immigration reform.

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