Workers Meet with House Members on Immigration Reform

Workers Meet with House Members on Immigration Reform

Published 4:19 PM Eastern - Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tyler Prell, 202-701-5796

WASHINGTON, DC - More than 115 members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) visited Capitol Hill today to talk with their Representatives about the importance of passing commonsense immigration reform legislation that includes an earned pathway to citizenship.

"I'm here today to tell my Congressman that we need to reform our broken immigration system so that it includes a pathway to citizenship," said Felix Martínez of Philadelphia. "We need a bipartisan bill that is fair, reflects our American values and brings 11 million aspiring Americans out of the shadows."

SEIU members are committed to working with the House of Representatives to enact sensible legislation that will create a pathway to earned citizenship that is wide and inclusive. In contrast, SEIU opposes excessive requirements that have no valid purpose other than to undermine reform by excluding aspiring Americans who only want to contribute to our nation's future.

A realistic and expeditious mechanism is necessary so that aspiring citizens in America can get right with the law and earn a clear and direct path to citizenship. With 11 million aspiring Americans willing to fully contribute to our nation and economy, it is in our country's best interest to secure a pathway to earned citizenship without unreasonable barriers.

"I believe that the time for commonsense immigration reform is now," said Blanca Quevedo of Hiahleah, Florida. "I want to tell members of the House that they need to act in a way that addresses the immigration system as a whole and not take a piece by piece approach. We need to fix the system once and for all and we need to do it now."


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