Oct. 5: More than 80 Pro-Immigration Large-Scale, Major Mobilizations Planned to Move DC Logjam on Reform

Oct. 5: More than 80 Pro-Immigration Large-Scale, Major Mobilizations Planned to Move DC Logjam on Reform

Published 3:42 PM Eastern - Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Shannon Maurer, 202-604-2464; Dawn Le, 202-549-6798

With key Republicans and Democrats pledging to work for reform, Immigrant Rights Groups escalate activities for legalization that leads to citizenship for 11 million and call for the immediate end to deportations

Washington, DC--On Saturday, October 5, more than 80 major mobilization efforts, rallies, vigils, pilgrimages, direct action, will take place across the country, marking the National Day for Dignity and Respect--and the beginning of the immigration rights movement's escalation to bring immigration reform across the finish line this year.

Latino, Asian, and immigrant communities, joined by faith, labor, and civil rights organizations are making a unified call for immigration reform that ends deportations and wasteful spending on border militarization, and promotes family unity and protects worker rights.

After the 80+ events across the country that weekend, immigration rights groups will continue to escalate its efforts with a rally and free concert on Tuesday, Oct. 8 on the National Mall in Washington, DC, beginning at 12:30pm. Tens of thousands of people are confirmed.

Immigration Rights Champion, Rep. Luis Gutierrez: "We will see an outpouring from the community demanding a serious effort by Republicans to get immigration reform moving in the House. I think the call on Oct. 5 and Oct. 8 will be so loud, it will be hard for House Republicans to continue stalling. The devastation of deportations, the frustration with inaction -- all of it is unsustainable."

In recent weeks, the pro-reform movement has consistently and powerfully brought the message to key Congressional members that the time is now for immigration reform. We will not stand for the continued failures of Washington that result in more families torn apart by deportations, worker exploitation by abusive employers, or allow our children's dreams to be robbed from them.

There will also be opportunities for b-roll and media availability in the lead up to the national and local events, i.e. direct interviews with immigrant workers, families, sign-making parties, phone bank for turnout calls, press conferences, etc. PLEASE CALL Dawn Le, 202-549-6798.

For Planning Purposes: State-by-State List of October 5 Events for National Day of Dignity and Respect


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