Saenz: May Day Marks Our Enduring Promise to Immigration Reform and Workers Across America

Published 1:26 PM Eastern - Thursday, May 1, 2014

Beatriz Lopez,, 202-412-7396

WASHINGTON, DC - Across the country, members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and pro-immigration reform groups are commemorating May Day with countless actions for workers impacted by our broken immigration system and low wages.

Rocio Saenz, SEIU Executive Vice President, released the following statement:

"As thousands across the nation raise their voices today in commemoration of the International Day of Workers, our commitment to all workers remains steadfast. From those working behind the counter of a fast food restaurant to our immigrant brothers and sisters working in the shadows, we proudly stand with them.

"May Day marks our enduring promise to our immigrant communities and workers everywhere to get immigration reform done this year.

"We are undeterred by the empty rhetoric and inexcusable delay in the House to vote on the most important issue of our time. When our country and our families stand to gain, the Republican congressional leadership has stood in wait.

"Our community, their constituents, can no longer wait. Let this May Day remind Speaker John Boehner and his colleagues that the American public and millions of immigrant families who refuse to remain silent will continue to push for immigration reform and citizenship until it is signed into law.

"Make no mistake, our day in history will come."


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