2:12 PM Eastern - Friday, August 8, 2014

Home Care Workers: We're Ready to Fight for $15! #default


Home care workers across the country are uniting to raise wages and improve care. In July, union and nonunion home care workers across the country showed they are more determined than ever to build a movement to fight for $15 and make the long term care system better for everyone.

Home care workers in Connecticut, Illinois, Ohio, and Washington brought people together with a "BBQ on My Budget," highlighting how hard it is to get by on low wages. Attendees pledged to Fight for $15 for home care workers and to make sure home care is an issue talked about in their communities and in the coming election.

In Pennsylvania, fast food workers stood with home care workers to demand $15 outside a Pennsylvania home care agency that pays poverty wages. The group of workers, consumers, and community allies registered new voters committed to making raising wages an election issue.

And, in the largest union election in Minnesota history, 26,000 home care workers are voting to lift their families out of poverty by raising wages, improving the quality of care, creating training opportunities, and making sure workers and the people who depend on in-home services have a voice.

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