Take Action on Labor Day 2009

Labor Day stamp.jpgWhen Labor Day first became a legal holiday in 1894, it was a day to honor the American worker, the men and women who created "so much of the nation's strength, freedom, and leadership...." Since that time, America's workers have fought to bring us the eight-hour work day and the weekend, health care and paid vacations, safe jobs and pensions to retire on. America's unions helped create the middle class.

This Labor Day, nothing is more critical to working families than seeing real progress on healthcare reform. SEIU has risen to be a leading voice in this healthcare fight, but we need your voice too. As Congressional recess comes to an end, join us to remind lawmakers just how many working families are still struggling to make ends meet under the strain of skyrocketing health care costs and our broken healthcare system.

Health Insurance Reform Now: Let's Get It Done

HealthcareActionDay_DC_055.jpg« Rally for Health Insurance Reform: Help send Congress back to DC with a mission to reform healthcare by joining us at send-off rallies across the country from now until September 12th.

ObamaHCprofile.jpg« Change Your Pic for Healthcare: Demonstrate your support online for the President's efforts to fix health care by changing your profile picture. Download your "Uniquely American Solution" avatar and swap it out on your Facebook or Twitter profile.

Recapture Labor Day

For many of us, the real meaning of Labor Day has been lost and forgotten--but we can change that. This Labor Day, make a pact to remember the importance of the American worker and the labor movement.

LaborDayBeach.jpg« Attend a Labor Day Event: Find marches, rallies and bar-b-q's and fish frys with SEIU members across the country on Monday, September 7th. Click here for our list of Labor Day events hosted by SEIU and HCAN.

« Reflect on the state of the labor movement: Snapshot of the "union difference" across the American workforce

More ways you can keep your eye on the prize

« Health Reform Fact Check Death panels? Not so much. Cut through the lies and learn the truth about healthcare reform at http://action.seiu.org/healthfacts

« Friends don't let Friends Believe the Hype: Do you have friends or family members who are skeptical of health reform, or being bombarded with misleading emails from the far right? Fill out this form to send them a note and set the record straight.

GoogleMapmini.jpg« Healthcare Activism Mapped Out: Check out our Google Map snapshot of healthcare campaign events held all across the U.S. these past couple of months.

« Labor Day Round Up on Employee Free Choice: From opposition groups confusing their Congressmen to new studies and reports from the states, catch up on what SEIU and our allies have been up to over the last few weeks.

« Honoring the Worker: Interesting facts about the history of labor unions here.

LaborDayWalmarticon.jpg« Wal-Mart Must Reflect America's Values: On Labor Day 2009, SEIU is part of a coalition challenging Wal-Mart to work with community, labor, and other activist groups to hold itself to a higher standard of conduct. Sign up and take action.

Share your Labor Day photos and video

« Are you planning on attending a Labor Day event, march or rally?: We want to know! Use this form to upload your photos, audio and video capturing your Labor Day experience--we'll showcase your footage on the SEIU Blog in the days following September 7th.

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