The Healthcare Law: Online Resources

The resources and links below are our recommendations from some of the best policy organizations and media outlets that provide up-to-date information on the new law, as well as help you understand how the benefits of the Affordable Care Act apply to you.

New Provisions Of The Law In 2011 And Beyond

  • A guide to the changes in health law (Consumers Reports)
  • An interactive timeline that allows you to see all of the new provisions of the health reform law that will be implemented over the next several years. (Kaiser Family Foundation)

An animated video from KFF illustrating the changes that are happening now under the new health reform law, and what changes we can expect in 2014.

The Healthcare Reform Law and You

Seniors and Retirees details how the Affordable Care Act that will bring historic improvements to the quality and safety of care for seniors and persons with disabilities, expand the long term care workforce, and result in the most comprehensive federal effort ever to fight elder abuse.

The Alliance for Retired Americans has extensive information on their website on how seniors and retirees will benefit from reform will receive tremendous benefits from the new health reform law.

Medicare Benefits

Thanks to reform, the doughnut hole in prescription drug coverage will gradually close over the next decade.

  • The Alliance for Retired Americans has a factsheet (PDF) on how closing the prescription drug coverage gap will help our nation's 46 million elderly and disabled Medicare beneficiaries.
  • The Center for American Progress (CAP) has an online report on Medicare savings here.

Patient Care

Medicaid and the state Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP): Medicare's Hospital Compare website has an online tool that enables you to check up on the quality and safety of care at your local hospital, including infection rates.

Primary Care: A January 4, 2011 issue brief from The Commonwealth Fund explores how the Affordable Care Act will begin to address the neglect of America's primary care system and estimates the possible effects these efforts will have on patients, providers and payers.

  • Download the PDF brief here.
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