What's At Stake This Election:
Our Healthcare

Governor Romney would take away the benefits of the healthcare law, replace Medicare with a voucher program and dismantle the Medicaid safety net. We need more healthcare champions, like President Obama, who will stand up for affordable, quality healthcare for everyone.

We are the Service Employees International Union,
an organization of more than 2 million members
united by the belief in the dignity and worth of
workers and the services they provide and dedicated
to improving the lives of workers and their families 
and creating a more just and humane society. 

- SEIU mission statement

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Medicare: Mitt Romney

  • Leaves seniors in the lurch by giving them a Medicare “voucher” instead of guaranteed Medicare benefits.
  • Privatizes Medicare—putting insurance companies back in charge.
  • Increases out-of-pocket costs by more than $6,000 per year.
  • Allows Medicare to go broke by 2016.
  • Makes it harder for seniors to choose their own doctors.

Medicare: Barack Obama

  • Preserves all guaranteed Medicare benefits.
  • Expands benefits—including prevention and screenings.
  • Lowers prescription drug costs for seniors in the "doughnut hole."
  • Adds eight years to the life of Medicare by getting rid of taxpayer subsidies to insurance companies.
  • Taking on waste, fraud and abuse in Medicare; has already recovered $10.7 billion.
  • Has already saved 5.4 million seniors an average of $635 on their prescription drugs.

Facts: Why Medicaid Matters


Bill Clinton explains the consequences the Romney-Ryan Medicaid plan would have on everyday working Americans.

What's at stake this 2012 election? Our healthcare.

The healthcare law