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SEIU RNs believe that direct engagement and involvement of all of our SEIU Healthcare Sisters and Brothers expands our activism, develops our leadership, and advances the mission of quality healthcare.
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Battle For Common Sense Women's Health Policy Continues

Nurses fought to push governors and state legislatures to accept the federal funds set aside to expand healthcare coverage to those individuals and families struggling just above the poverty line.
Preventing Influenza

Preventing Influenza (the "Flu")

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Healthcare Law Enrollment: Nurses Played Pivotal Role Educating Millions of Americans

Let's take this moment to celebrate the SEIU nurses, doctors, and healthcare workers nationwide for their instrumental role in bringing quality, affordable health insurance to millions of people by driving an Affordable Care Act education and outreach campaign that reached more than 2.4 million people over roughly six months.

SEIU nurses explain the benefits of the healthcare law in 90 seconds
The Healthcare Law is Working! Learn what it means for working families