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We need to take a stand to create good jobs that help rebuild the middle class and help working people provide a strong future for their families.


Saving for retirement isn’t simple when earning poverty wages

The old adage of spend less and save more doesn’t cut it for adjuncts

Graduate Student Employees Launch a Nationwide Drive to Organize Unions with SEIU

Columbia University decision paves way for student assistants’ efforts to join together

Home Care Fight for $15 leader named White House ‘Champion of Change’

Barbara Carr is a home care worker providing essential services to the most vulnerable residents of Flint

Northwestern University Faculty Announce Union Election Filing

Part-time and full-time faculty come together in the latest milestone in Chicago union organizing

Chicago and New York security officers win $15—and more—through their unions

Another important victory in the fight for $15 and safer cities

Young people are rising to the occasion and creating change

Continuing the movement towards a more just society with SEIU Rise

Navy vet: “I would LOVE my job if we were paid fairly.”

Why does a vet who's putting her skills to use in security rely on public assistance to scrape by?

D.C. security officers spearheading wave of improvements in the District

Big win for officers, now ready to push for a $15 and paid sick leave for the rest of D.C.

The Fight for $15 is a global movement

We’re on our way to empower 64 million Americans


Faculty Forward

Full and part-time college faculty are coming together to address the crisis in higher education by increasing investment in educators, ensuring affordable, accessible higher education for students and holding for-profit higher education accountable for dismal student outcomes.

Child Care Workers are Fighting for $15

Child care workers across the country struggle to make ends meet. Parents need quality, affordable child care.

Raising California Together

Raising California Together is a coalition of child care providers, parents and allies united to ensure working families have access to quality, affordable child care and early learning opportunities.

Airport Workers United

At airports serving more than 393 million passengers per year, underpaid airport workers are coming together to win $15 and union rights while making travel healthier and safer for all.

Retirement Security

The economic crisis has put a secure retirement at risk for everyone. we're working together to help deliver retirement security to more people.

Stand for Security

Thousands of security officers across the country are uniting to raise industry standards in order to create good jobs and make our communities safer.

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