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We are doctors and nurses, home care and nursing home workers; we are lab techs, environmental service workers and dietary aides.



Our voice is being heard in the Fight for $15

It's time to raise the wage floor for all nursing home workers

Trading the Green Bay Packers for democracy

A team of 17 healthcare providers hit the streets to talk to Iowa voters

Tough Choices at Home; Tough Choices at Work

Nursing Home Workers Join Fight for $15

Stay above the water, get covered

​Having affordable health insurance helps me stay above water

Getting better with age

SEIU welcomes Medicare and Medicaid to its fabulous 50s

BREAKING: 8 million people get to keep their healthcare!

As a registered nurse, I see the benefits every day.

Winning a voice for healthcare workers

The largest labor victory since the UAW organized in Flint, MI.

How SEIU members won the fight for healthcare reform

Healthcare workers led the fight for Obamacare.

Nurses Week 2015 - a focus on advocacy & celebration

Highlights from around the country.

Healthcare law turns five.

Fight to defend it more important than ever.

Nurses take a stand at Supreme Court for healthcare law.

Also how we can apply lessons learned from the Ebola crisis.


Nurse Alliance

85,000 registered nurses in 21 states are united in the Nurse Alliance of SEIU Healthcare. We are a united voice for good jobs and quality, affordable healthcare for all.

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