We are the Service Employees International Union,
an organization of more than 2 million members
united by the belief in the dignity and worth of
workers and the services they provide and dedicated
to improving the lives of workers and their families 
and creating a more just and humane society. 

- SEIU mission statement

Our History

The 90+ year history of SEIU


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90 Years of SEIU, 9 Moments of Social Justice

SEIU's commitment to building a fair economy, providing workers a voice on the job, fighting for equality and ensuring that all working people can live with dignity spans the union's 90+ year history.

A Union of Janitors is Born: In 1921, representatives from seven Chicago unions met to form the Building Services Employees International Union (BSEIU). 90 years later, SEIU has united 2.2 million workers. Read more →

Making Politics of Work / Walk a Day in My Shoes: SEIU members have worked hard to elect pro-worker politicians, often inviting them to walk a day in their shoes, this is the story of member advocacy. Read more →

The Historic Fight for Healthcare Reform: SEIU members led the fight to pass healthcare reform, working to ensure that workers and patients had access to good, quality, affordable healthcare. Read more →

South by Southwest: Over the past two decades, SEIU has redoubled its commitment to organizing the Southwest to deliver justice in right-to-work states. Read more →

Winning Justice for Janitors: Janitors paid poverty wages took to the streets and proved there is still power in protest politics, delivering victories for janitors in Miami, Los Angeles, Houston and across the country. Read more →

A History of Civil Rights: From MLK's speech at 1199SEIU in April 1968 to the union's endorsement of same-sex marriage in 2004, SEIU's commitment to social justice is at the heart of SEIU's work. Read more →

Immigrant History, Immigrant Future: SEIU's commitment to immigrant justice began with the union's immigrant heritage and continues today with a powerful campaign to pass comprehensive reform. Read more →

Winning a Voice for Healthcare Workers: From the LA homecare workers victory to victories at 1199, Beverley Industries and Kaiser, SEIU members are setting industry standards and standing up for patient care. Read more →

An Innovative Public Sector: SEIU members have been on the frontline of delivering critical public services and finding innovative ways to keep services in our communities for decades. Read more →

A Strong Future, Stronger Together: With 90 years of momentum, SEIU is poised to win for working people across this county. Read more →