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Labor, Civil Rights and Latino Advocacy Groups Launch ¡Todos a Votar! Tour

Cesar Chavez once said, "You cannot oppress the people who are not afraid anymore." More than a decade of scrutiny and defiant hurdles, and yet the Latinos in America have defied fear. Now, the moment is here and SEIU along...

National Latino Advocacy and Civil Rights Groups to Embark on ¡Todos a Votar! Tour; Groups travel to key states to engage Latino voters to register and vote

Stops in Stockton, LA, Riverside & San Diego STOCKTON, CA -- California will be the starting point this week of a Latino voter public education campaign, ¡Todos a Votar! ("Let's Vote"), sponsored by national Latino advocacy groups to register and...

New Ad: Mitt Romney Has No Shame

Today SEIU released a new Spanish language radio ad in Florida and Nevada to educate voters about the "two-faces" of Mitt Romney and his unbelievably low 13.9 percent tax rate. The ad is part of the SEIU-Priorities USA Action campaign to pound the pavement and cover the airwaves to remind voters of Romney's anti-immigrant and anti-working family record.

Locals in nevada

Nevada Service Employees Union - Health Care
3785 E Sunset Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89120
Phone: (702) 386-8849

Nevada Service Employees Union - Health Care
817 Palmhurst, Las Vegas, NV 89148

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