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SEIU retirees possess a rich history within the labor movement and a passionate understanding of the vital role unions play within our society. They have played an integral role in helping to build this union and the union movement as a whole. SEIU retirees volunteer as Member Organizers - helping SEIU organize new worksites, Member Political Organizers (MPO's) - helping us win electoral campaigns, and volunteers - working hard to fight for healthcare reform and other issues important to working families.

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We're working together to help deliver retirement security to more people.

For more info, please contact Lisa Tilson: Lisa.Tilson [at] 561-213-6561

SEIU Retiree Advisory Council (RAC)

The SEIU Retiree Advisory Council is chaired by Retired Member and International Executive Board Member Marc Earls. Currently, 17 locals unions and/or joint boards are represented on the Council. For every local on the council, there is a retired member representative and a retiree staff representative. The Locals represented on the Council are listed below.

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SEIU Retiree Program ToolKit

SEIU Retiree Organizing FIRST STEPS (English PDF 318KB) (French DOCX 27KB) (Spanish DOX 28KB)

Building a Retiree Program Best Practices (PDF 1.8 MB)