Our Demands

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    Protect the health and safety of all workers

    1. Ensure immediate and permanent paid sick time and paid leave for all workers.
    2. Expand healthcare coverage to people who are uninsured or have lost coverage as the result of losing their jobs.
    3. Produce, procure, and provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all healthcare workers and other essential workers.
    4. Monitor and track the impact of COVID-19 by race with the goal of developing interventions to ensure that resources are directed to higher-impacted and under-served communities.
    5. Include all immigrants in testing, healthcare, and economic relief, so that our efforts to deal with this pandemic cover everyone across the country.
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    Ensure job, wage, and economic security for all workers

    1. Establish essential pay for essential workers, so that everyone required to show up at work receives at least time-and-a-half pay, with a wage floor of $15/hr during this crisis and beyond.
    2. Keep workers on payroll, maintaining their pay and benefits, and limit economic disruption with direct support to employers, including state and local governments.
    3. Provide a monthly, direct cash payment of up to $2,000 for each adult, with up to an additional $1,000 for families with children, for 6 months with the opportunity to extend another 6 months as needed.
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    Invest in public services, not big corporations

    1. Direct at least $1 Trillion over 2 years to support states and cities facing declining revenue and increased demand for vital services.
    2. Increase the federal match for Medicaid including for home- and community-based services.
    3. Add new funding for safe schools, colleges, and child care.
    4. Include safeguards against harmful privatization and outsourcing schemes.
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    Invest in an economy and democracy that work for all

    1. Bring workers and industry to the table to address the crisis. Commit to immediate measures and ongoing recovery processes that address wages, benefits, and work hours, with commitments to build worker organization. We must change the rules of the economy — for the long-term — to make sure workers are never in this position again.
    2. Protect democracy by significantly increasing funding to states to set up vote by mail, safer in-person voting, and online registration.