Can’t make it to one of the big actions on February 26th? Don’t worry, you can still join thousands of workers as #WeRise up for the good, union jobs our communities need. Here’s how:

  1. Pick a time and a place to meet  your coworkers, family members, and friends who believe America needs unions

  2. Visit and watch working Americans rise up against the Supreme Court case that threatens to divide you from your coworkers.

  3. Share photos or videos of your group as you’re watching the livestream on your social media channels using: #WeRise. And make sure to say why you’re rising up today. Try to have the computer or the projection screen in the photo/video, but most importantly make sure we can see you and your group. Here’s an example of what you and/or your group could say in your video:

    1. “Because we are united in our union, we have had the power in numbers to win {tell a story of what you and others have won, how your union has improved your life, your family’s future, and your community} We are here today to say that we are going to stick together, no matter what!”

How you should hold your camera

For both photos and video, landscape layout is prefered. This means shooting horizontally and not upright. The panorama feature on the iphone is a great tool to use.

Lighting 101

The sun should be behind you. Never have your subject[s] stand in front of a window with their back facing the window. Your back should face the window and your subject[s] should face the window.

Limit Background Noise

We want to hear everything you and your co-workers have to say!

Don’t forget to share your video on Facebook and/or Twitter.
Make sure to tag others and encourage them to join us as #WeRise up for the good, union jobs America needs.