Put Yourself in These Children's Shoes...Then Put Them Above Politics #default

PHOTO: Youth in Los Angeles - aged 15-22 - are fasting to demand that President Obama and the U.S. Congress grant unaccompanied children refugee status.. CREDIT: SEIU In 2011 the U.S. Government recorded a dramatic rise in the number...

LGBT Executive Order: Victory for Equality on the Job #default

"There is still much to do to ensure true equality for workers in all states, but the President's executive order is an important step toward extending protections in the workplace to all Americans."

Fast for children launches today #default

SEIU-USWW, SEIU-ULTCW, SEIU California State Council and other groups from across CA will launch a fast for the Central American children who have crossed the border, fleeing from the horrific violence in their home countries.