Celebrate Nurses Week 2015 #default

The Nurse Alliance of SEIU Healthcare is 85,000 voices strong who will use this week to educate our nurse colleagues, patients and communities. Patients in our healthcare system have no better advocates than the nurses who care for them--for this, and many other reasons, join in celebrating National Nurses Week with us.

SEIU's Henry: Minimum wage bill would boost economy #default

"Low wages are the crisis of our time. To solve this crisis, our country needs a minimum wage that families can live on, and workers must be free to join together in a union and fight for the higher pay they deserve."

Underpaid working people unite in 
largest mobilization in modern U.S. history, 
look ahead to more wage increases and policy wins #default

From dawn to dusk in front of restaurants and on college campuses from coast to coast, tens of thousands took part in strikes and protests Wednesday in the largest mobilization of underpaid working people in modern American history.