Courageous Bay Area home care leaders arrested with me as we call for $15/hour living wage #default

Today, I was arrested with courageous home care leaders demanding a $15 an hour wage in high-tech, high-cost San Mateo County - SEIU Local 521 President Luisa Blue and home care providers Tonya York and Myrna Bravo.

Worthy Work, STILL Unlivable Wages #default

The Worthy Work, STILL Unlivable Wages report compiles evidence from multiple sources to provide a portrait of the early childhood teaching workforce today in comparison to 25 years ago and how today's parents are paying more for child care, but earning less.

Nurses Know the Facts: Millions of Americans Are Poised to Get Better Coverage at a Lower Cost as the Healthcare Marketplaces Open for Enrollment--November 15 #default

Americans have said time and again they are not interested in repealing the healthcare law, but in making it better. My fellow nurses and I won't stand by while extremists confuse millions of Americans as the healthcare marketplace is about to open.