Tax Day 2014: They've Got It All Backward #default

For 26 of America's largest corporations, you can write the amount of money they paid in federal corporate income taxes over five years the same way forward and backward. $000,000,000

Rising Child Care Costs Push Women out of the Workforce #default

The job market hasn't always been kind to young mothers of color. Rising child care costs, a badly lagging minimum wage, and persistently high unemployment has forced many of these women of the workforce and into the role of the stay-at-home-mom.

"It's important that people in my profession help connect people to affordable care through the new law, because people trust nurses." #default

Nurse Alliance of SEIU Healthcare member Christiane DeNoble traveled to Washington, DC with her fellow nurses recently to defend the Affordable Care Act at a rally in front of the Supreme Court on the day the Court heard the landmark Hobby Lobby case.