It's Time to Scrap the Tax Break! #retirement-security

"Everyone should pay into Social Security at the same rate" is the message that more than 120,000 Americans sent to Congress today as representatives from a number of national and regional organizations including SEIU, Social Security Works and the Center for Community Change delivered petitions demanding that our wealthiest citizens pay their fair share into Social Security.

Tax Day 2014: They've Got It All Backward #default

For 26 of America's largest corporations, you can write the amount of money they paid in federal corporate income taxes over five years the same way forward and backward. $000,000,000

Rising Child Care Costs Push Women out of the Workforce #default

The job market hasn't always been kind to young mothers of color. Rising child care costs, a badly lagging minimum wage, and persistently high unemployment has forced many of these women of the workforce and into the role of the stay-at-home-mom.