Statement by Dian Palmer, RN on Affordable Care Act Enrollment Figures #default

7.3M Americans have purchased new healthcare plans through the insurance marketplace. This number makes official what many SEIU nurses, doctors & our allies already know -- the lower-cost healthcare options the law is delivering are a vital lifeline for millions of hardworking women and men!

Boehner's Locked Door Won't Stop VRA for Today Coalition's Fight Against Racist Voting Practices #default

Leading civil rights, labor, and progressive organizations came together yesterday, launching the VRA for Today Coalition. The Coalition went to Speaker Boehner's Longworth House Office Building office during normal business hours to deliver the names of half a million...

Seattle Mayor and Sea-Tac Airport Worker Urge American Cities to Lead the Fight to Raise Wages #default

As a ramp agent for SeaTac subcontractor Menzies Aviation, Socrates Bravo has to work more than 20 hours of overtime per week to try to make ends meet. His hectic schedule means sacrificing valuable quality time with his 2-year-old daughter.