SEIU President Mary Kay Henry Statement In Support of President's Plan To Veto Tax Breaks For Corporations #default

Congress may pass a measure to permanently provide tax breaks for wealthy corporations without doing enough for working families. We whole-heartedly support President Obama's plans to veto it if it arrives on his desk.

Black lives matter. Brown lives matter. All lives matter. #default

We are deeply disappointed in the grand jury's decision--which only serves to deepen the wounds to the Ferguson community. If we're going to see justice for Michael Brown and his family, it's now up to the DOJ to prioritize their own investigation.

Immigrant Families and SEIU Members Across the Country Celebrate; Immigration Relief Is a Reality #default

After 15 years of countless rallies, petitions, speeches, protests, get-out-the-vote efforts, arrests, letter-writing campaigns, lobbying efforts and marches, the hard work has paid off.