SEIU's Henry: Fast-food workers are proving that by joining together, they can improve their lives #default

Today, workers proved that by joining together, they can improve their lives. Fast-food workers - joined by adjunct professors as well as Walmart, home care and child care workers and airport staff raised their voices and have built a movement. Workers got into this fight to improve their lives - not for wage announcements.

An Inspiring Evening with Boston-area Students and Workers Coming Together to Fight for $15 #default

Change happens when students and workers unite and take action. That was the spirit that carried the evening last night at Northeastern University.

Infographic: How unions succeeded in making your workplace safer in the 100+ years since the deadly Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire #default

When a fire broke out at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory on March 25, 1911, overcrowded worktables, inadequate and locked fire exits, and narrow escape passageways created a fatal inferno for the 146 people who died. In the aftermath of the fire, outraged New Yorkers, lead by the International Ladies Garment Workers Union (now Workers United) fought for crucial regulations that continue to protect us on the job to this day.