Keiana Greene-Page,

Issued June 11, 2024

SEIU’s Verrett: SEIU members are committed to upholding Rev. James Lawson Jr.’s legacy

WASHINGTON, DC - Service Employees International Union (SEIU) President April Verrett released the following statement on the passing of Rev. James Lawson Jr.:

“Reverend Lawson’s passing is a loss for SEIU members and working people fighting for racial, social and economic justice around the world. He was a driving force in the civil rights movement, and supported working people during many pivotal times in our nation’s history. He stood with Dr. King to organize workers fighting against systemic racial and economic oppression. He worked with janitors across California in the Justice for Janitors campaign. Reverend Lawson taught union members, students and any person with the desire to create change how leaders can be both peaceful and powerful in fighting back against injustice.”

“I am deeply grateful that Rev. Lawson took the time to offer his mentorship and guidance to leaders like me. He was generous with his time and always willing to share ideas and words of encouragement. I remain in awe of how he leaned in during the pandemic despite his age and the potential threat to his own well being. During that time, Rev. Lawson led as he always had, always present and never shying away from speaking truth to power.”

“SEIU members recently voted to reaffirm our vision for a just society and declare our mission to win unions for all workers and end poverty wages. We are inspired by Rev. Lawson’s teachings as we challenge corporate power, stand up for immigrant families, and continue our fight for racial and economic justice.”