SEIU Media Department,

Issued June 13, 2024

Statement from April Verrett, President of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) on the Supreme Court’s decision on Starbucks v. McKinney

“Working people should have the right to join together and form unions without fear of being fired by their employer. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court’s ruling undermines one of the National Labor Relations Board’s only tools to hold corporations accountable for union busting. This is yet another example of how the rules are rigged in favor of big corporations and against working people who try to form unions.

This ruling won’t stop workers from organizing unions and demanding a seat at the table with employers to negotiate the wages, benefits, and working conditions that they deserve. Support for unions is at an all-time high, and workers are going to continue to mobilize, from the strike lines to the ballot box.

SEIU members won’t stop until we are able to write new rules to ensure that every worker can join a union without having to walk through a gauntlet of hate, hostility, and harassment and every corporation is held accountable for union busting.“