Aparna Kumar,

Issued July 01, 2024

SEIU’s Verrett: “Justice for the American people has been delayed, but it won’t be denied”

Service Workers International Union (SEIU) International President April Verrett issued the following statement following the Supreme Court’s ruling in Trump vs. The United States:

WASHINGTON, DC – “In this country, no one is above the law— even former Presidents. But today, the Supreme Court’s MAGA wing has put our democracy at risk by helping Donald Trump continue to evade accountability for his actions on January 6 to overturn an election. Justice for the American people has been delayed, but it won’t be denied.

Working people of all backgrounds already know that Donald Trump does not stand with them. That’s why we’ve launched our largest-ever political mobilization to date to engage a multiracial voting bloc to re-elect Joe Biden and leaders at every level who will hold corporations accountable and help us write new rules to win unions for all.

We won’t stop fighting for a justice system that represents all of us, not just the white, wealthy and politically connected. There are no robes big enough to hide the shame of justices who fly an upside-down American flag at their homes, who accept lavish gifts from billionaires and who take away working people’s rights and freedoms. We must restore the integrity of our judicial system by fundamentally reforming it.”