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What does SEIU do?

We believe that uniting with others who do the same type of work, you will have a stronger voice on the job and in your community -- and you can help create a better future for yourself and all Americans.

SEIU is a center of unity for underpaid workers who are demanding that our economy works for everyone - not just the rich.

We are taking bold actions to unite the nine out of 10 non-union workers in America. We continue to work with our partners in the labor, progressive and religious communities to launch innovative campaigns that bring new hope and opportunity to workers in today's global economy.

We are building a 21st-century global union to help ensure that workers, not just corporations and CEOs, benefit from today's global economy. SEIU is working with unions in similar industries across the globe to challenge multi-nationals to provide comparable wages and benefits, and allow workers in every country the freedom to form unions.

SEIU members have joined workers from France and Great Britain and members of Unison and the CGT and French labor federation CFDT, in global delegations on both sides of the Atlantic. And, unionists from around the world have come together with SEIU to hold civil disobedience rallies, march with workers and met one-on-one with workers in a commitment to take the stories of U.S. workers to the management of international companies based and operating overseas.