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Sign Up to Keep Families in the U.S. Together, Protected, and Safe

People who are eligible for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) are already living in the U.S. and part of American communities.

They are business owners, home owners, and parents, many with U.S. citizen children.

They contribute some $22 billion in wages to the U.S. economy each year, work in more than 600,000 jobs, and have higher labor force participation rates than the overall U.S. labor force.

Inaction from the Biden administration to protect people eligible for TPS would disrupt local economies, could shatter communities across America, and separate families.

Watch and Share

Watch and share this video featuring Dennya, the U.S. citizen grandchild of an SEIU member and TPS holder. In a heartfelt letter addressed to President Joe Biden, Dennya asks him to keep families like hers in the U.S. together, protected, and safe.

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Resources for Immigrant Workers

iAmerica is the national immigrant justice campaign platform of SEIU, created to offer informational tools and interactive opportunities for immigrants and their families in America to become full participants in our nation’s democracy. Check out these resources for immigrant workers and their families!

person in front of lady justice holding an american flag
Become a U.S. citizen

Start your path to U.S. citizenship and fully participate in our democracy.

Learn more
woman working
Immigrant worker rights

All workers have rights, no matter your immigration status.

Learn more
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Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

See if you qualify to apply for or renew your TPS.

Learn more
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Know your rights

Know your rights if you are approached by police or ICE.

Learn more
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Immigration pathways

Learn about the different immigration pathways and find a path that’s right for you.

Learn more
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Legal help

Find a reputable immigration attorney or legal services provider near you.

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María Elena Hernández

“People need to hear from us to see that we are human.” – Essential Worker and TPS holder María Elena Hernández

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Immigrant Essential Worker Shares COVID + Vaccine Experience

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The Truth About Immigration

We’re seeing some Republicans double down on anti-immigrant rhetoric instead of focusing on real solutions that would keep immigrant families together. We must remain vigilant of the hate coming our way through policies and the media. The best way to do so? Staying educated on the truths about immigration.

Test your knowledge on immigration

Updated Jan 19, 2024