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Neal Bisno, Executive Vice President

First elected as International Executive Vice President in May 2016, Neal Bisno helps unify organizing, political and member engagement work at the state and local level by leading the union’s State Power program. Through shared vision and strategy, State Power supports SEIU locals in states and cities in waging bold, transformative organizing campaigns, finding innovative ways to work with partners, and building long-term political strength to rewrite the rules for Unions for All and Multi-racial Democracy. During the 2020 Presidential election, Neal helped anchor the union’s efforts to secure victory in key Midwest states by driving the demands of essential workers for $15 and a union and engaging new and infrequent voters around racial and economic justice.

Prior to leading SEIU’s State Power program, Neal oversaw the creation of Together We Rise, the union’s initiative to build a deeply member-connected, leader-rich, 21st century SEIU. Through Together We Rise, in 2017-18 SEIU locals successfully executed the largest internal organizing campaign in the union’s history in preparation for the U.S. Supreme Court’s Janus decision, while enhancing the union’s culture and practice of innovation.

First drawn to the labor movement as a student activist in the 1980s, Neal has been working in the union movement since 1989. Prior to his election as an International Officer, Neal served in a variety of leadership roles and ultimately as president of SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania, representing nearly 45,000 nurses and healthcare workers in hospitals, nursing homes, home and community based services, and state facilities.

During Neal’s tenure at SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania, the local grew dramatically in size and strength through a relentless focus on organizing and by driving long-term strategy to build political power, helping thousands of healthcare workers win $15/hour, improve the care they provide to patients and consumers, and expand access to healthcare for Pennsylania’s residents. Neal led numerous successful organizing campaigns among Pennsylvania hospital and long term care workers. He was the prime architect of the state’s landmark 2008 law banning forced overtime for nurses and healthcare workers, helped lead the successful fight to expand Medicaid for uninsured Pennsylvanians, and spearheaded the efforts to secure a first-ever voice for 20,000 Black, Brown, AAPI, and white women caregivers in Pennsylvania’s participant-directed homecare program.

Neal is motivated by a deep conviction that building worker power through cross-racial solidarity is the key to confronting corporate power, dismantling structural racism, and achieving a just society where all people are respected and all communities can thrive. He is a resident of Pittsburgh, where he lives with his partner, and is the proud father of an adult son.

Updated Dec 17, 2021