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The vision of RISE is to build the next generation of labor leaders.

We are a comprehensive A-Z leadership development program for members ages 18-35. 

We focus on the engagement and empowerment of young SEIU members at the local, state and national level.

SEIU RISE has five program pillars: 

  1. To assist local leadership in planning millennial member development
  2. To provide national millennial member development trainings
  3. To build millennial committees on the local level
  4. To connect millennial members with community
  5. To guide mentorship opportunities

SEIU RISE member participants take on issues such as student debt, Black Lives Matter, and Immigration. Our work comes together at the intersection of labor, community and the millennial generation. Our goal is to change the way members 35 and under relate to their union and vice versa.

Last year SEIU RISE has launched Inequality Ends with ME our political program aimed to organize and activate millennials who now make up 1/3 of the electorate. For the first time the millennial generation has the power to sway the direction our nation will move.  Now is the time to get your local millennials activated.

Updated Mar 04, 2019