Walk A Day in My Shoes

Delores McDaniel

Security Officer, Detroit, MI

Walked with Kamala Harris

Delores McDaniel

Delores McDaniel is a hard-working security officer born and raised in Motor City. Her job means she and her co-workers are often Detroit’s front-line responders--the first on a scene in an emergency situation. 

As a 12-year security veteran, Delores works for security contractor SecurAmerica and is tasked with protecting billion-dollar properties for companies like the Bedrock Corporation--a high-end commercial real estate company. But even as she keeps people and assets safe every day, Delores struggles to take care of herself and her baby granddaughter on what she is paid. 

"My whole life I've worked two or more jobs but I still can't go to a doctor or buy medicine when I get sick - I can't afford it."

 And she isn’t alone. 

“I see so many of my co-workers and their families facing the same issues, figuring out what to pinch just to make it to the next paycheck.”

Delores wants to make sure politicians really understand what she—and millions of hard-working families across the country—go through every day. That’s why she invited Senator and 2020 Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris to spend the day with her and fellow SecurAmerica security officers to find out what really matters to working folks in Detroit and in our nation. 

“We spent the day with Senator Harris because we wanted her to know why hundreds of downtown Detroit security officers are fighting so hard to form our union – we need a voice on the job, we need affordable healthcare. We need to be able to support ourselves—that means being able to buy food and put a roof over our family’s head.”

Senator Harris spent the day side-by-side with Delores—visiting her subsidized housing unit, learning about her struggles and sharing a bus ride together--and backed her efforts to form a union to build a Detroit that works for all people. 

"She comes in the afternoon and works late into the night. She has a two-hour commute to get here. She also does not get sick leave. She does not get paid family leave," Senator Harris said. "Unions built the middle class, and we must hold corporations like Bedrock accountable to give every worker a voice and fair treatment."

Delores says she won’t stop until all security officers have the freedom to join the union without fear and intimidation from security companies and businesses. 

“You and I both know it’s hard out here for working people—we need to join together to make sure our families and communities are thriving, not barely getting by.” 

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