5:55 PM Eastern - Friday, December 5, 2008

Health Care Reform: We're Ready NOW

Today, I heard the incoming Secretary of Health and Human Services talk
about "word clouds" in a major policy speech. I saw the next presidential
administration organizing online discussions and house parties instead of
lobbyist luncheons and corporate fundraisers to draft its agenda.

History is being written right now - and we're a part of it.

Senator Tom Daschle's speech in Denver this morning signals a major shift in
the role citizens will play in charting a course for America. The Obama
administration is rethinking the way government interacts with the people -
and they're challenging us to do the same.

All of us in the labor movement - and you in the netroots community - have
been dreaming of a moment like this for years. It's here. We cannot let one
minute pass us by.

While we engage in thoughtful and important debates online, 47 million
Americans are without health care. Millions more have coverage, but will
find out how inadequate it is when they need catastrophic care and their
insurance denies the claim. They are literally one illness away from
financial ruin.

SEIU stands ready to be a leading partner with President-elect Obama and
Senator Daschle in this fight. We are ready to commit our staff and
resources to fixing health care. And, more importantly, we have more than 2
million members ready to work for change.

We won't win this alone, though. That's why we're reaching out to anyone -
any group, any business, any member of Congress - that shares our commitment
to fixing health care. Some of our partners don't see eye-to-eye with us on
almost any issue - but on the issue of health care we're proud to hold
common ground.

We'll work together; but we won't compromise on finding a real solution that
meets our core principles. And we will not wait. For workers, businesses,
and the entire economy, the cost of doing nothing is too great.

The gate has been busted wide open. Now begins the work of creating change
that works for all Americans.

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