We Won’t Have Economic Justice Without Racial Justice

We are on a journey to end anti-Black racism

Navy vet: “I would LOVE my job if we were paid fairly.”

Why does a vet who's putting her skills to use in security rely on public assistance to scrape by?

Nurses Week 2016: Celebrating heroes of healthcare

Nurses are the heroes of healthcare

05-06-2016 | SEIU Nurse Alliance Roundup

National Nurses Week Special Edition

As Nurses Week begins, a look back on what a year it’s been

A look back at all the incredible work SEIU nurses have done throughout the last year.

Investing in child care is an investment in our future

This Mother’s Day, join me in celebrating all of the hard-working moms across the country

Securing Safety for San Diegans

Chris took it upon himself to get extra training, and wants to lift safety for all in security industry

D.C. security officers spearheading wave of improvements in the District

Big win for officers, now ready to push for a $15 and paid sick leave for the rest of D.C.

The Fight for $15 is a global movement

We’re on our way to empower 64 million Americans

Chicago security officers ready to stem increase in violence

First responders, working to keep the city safe, but barely scraping by

Speaking up to stop wage theft in the security industry

Donyell says two out of three security contractors stole his wages. Now he's working to fix that.

Our voice is being heard in the Fight for $15

It's time to raise the wage floor for all nursing home workers

Tennessee home care worker sending a strong message during fight for $15 day of actions

I got involved in the Fight for $15 is because I need to put an end to my own poverty wages.

Security officers rally for safer East Coast cities

32BJ members have saved lives with better training and lower turnover, but there's still more to do.

Disrupting the economy of insecurity

Security officers standing up to build a tech economy that works for everyone

Nurse Alliance Roundup March 18, 2016

Nurses Roundup Newsletter March 18, 2016

Duke University non-tenure-track faculty vote to join SEIU

Full-time and Part-time Faculty at Elite Southern University Seek to Raise Standards in Higher Education

SEIU members, Flint residents demand answers to water crisis

The families of Flint are standing up to Gov. Snyder for a better tomorrow

Why I support Hillary Clinton’s vision for a healthier America

Florida RN wants young patients to live long, healthy lives, pursue big dreams

Security officer and personal trainer standing up for a stronger San Diego

Gerald says people would be healthier, wouldn't move so fast if they met their needs with just one job.

Janitors Join Women Worldwide on International Women's Day

Thousands flood streets to fight for fair pay

If there's no retirement crisis, then why are so many older women poor?

Some political ideologues claim there's no retirement crisis, but women know better.

Victory! Twin Cities janitors win tentative agreement

4,000 janitors win largest wage increase in decades

Part-time faculty at St. Charles CC join SEIU while full-time faculty at Boston U. file for an eletion

From the Arch to the Back Bay, faculty union momement has another milestone day

Minnesota security officers are the latest winners in the Fight for $15

They won after sticking together through two citywide strikes and civil disobedience.

SEIU Nurse Alliance Roundup

Nurses Roundup Newsletter February 19, 2016

Standing up for patients and working families

I am inspired by SEIU nurses' commitment to protect working families and improve healthcare for patients

Millennials want to retire too

I’m standing together with other Millennials across the country to fight for retirement security.

Duke faculty file to join SEIU Faculty Forward

By triggering a union election, they are taking an important step in joining a national movement

The cold hard truth: I'm a superhero without the perks

Tonia shared why those who care for our children need a raise

Flint Water Crisis: SEIU member leaders, Flint residents demand accountability in D.C.

It's time for Gov. Snyder to take responsibility for the decisions that led to this terrible disaster

SEIU members caucus and organize for Hillary Clinton

She will fight, deliver and win for working families.

Trading the Green Bay Packers for democracy

A team of 17 healthcare providers hit the streets to talk to Iowa voters

Security officers front and center in Amazon development discussion

Amazon security contractor prompts Seattle City Council to reconsider the rules of the game.

Domino victories along East Coast

What 130,000 people can accomplish together

Everyone Should Be Able to Succeed

Working people are coming together to fight back against attacks on their right to unite

2015 Journey to a Just Society

Just think of all we'll accomplish in 2016

Nurse Alliance Year-End Roundup Newsletter

Nurses Roundup Newsletter Dec. 18, 2015

Standing in solidarity and sharing in their grief.

Our hearts are broken with the tragic loss of our fallen and injured sisters and brothers.

Vigil shines light through unspeakable loss

Workers, community find hope in hopeless situation

Hillary Clinton is part of our movement

I’m supporting her because she’ll support us

SEIU endorses Hillary Clinton for president

Members: Clinton supports our movement to build a better future for working families

Tough Choices at Home; Tough Choices at Work

Nursing Home Workers Join Fight for $15

Veteran Security Officer Jeremy Birchwood on the Fight for $15

Elevating somebody else helps my community as a whole.

Air Force veteran, union leader Jimmy Moore

“Being active in my union gives me a better sense of belonging.”

Veteran says winning paid time off means valuable time with his family

Edward can now visit his family on the East Coast.

Army veteran and union leader Terry Wade organizes across cultures

“The language barrier is tough, but they light up when they see my ‘SEIU’ sign."

Army veteran Troy Williams fights for a better way of life on the home front

"...so much to be done through our unions, bc the economy is out of control."

When We Fight Together We All Win

Reflections on Los Angeles and the path to victory

SEIU Nurse Alliance Roundup

Nurses Roundup Newsletter November 04, 2015

Stay above the water, get covered

​Having affordable health insurance helps me stay above water

The Time is Now for Fair Chance Hiring Reforms

President Mary Kay Henry sends letter supporting Fair Chance hiring reforms

Hundreds gathered in DCA yesterday, but it wasn’t for what you think.

Workers are in the #FightFor15 from around the world.

Read our lips: Americans want to expand Social Security - not to raise the retirement age

Raising the retirement age would hurt Americans who live paycheck to paycheck.

Mary and Ricardo are joining the People’s Climate march. Find out why.

No one should have to move to a different state for cleaner air.

Do unto others

Miami home care worker Antoinette Quintyne is paying it forward

Senators introduce bill to hold for-profit colleges accountable

Faculty and students have voiced their support for the legislation

Because our fight is also about LOVE

Thousands descend into Philly to make one large statement

Thousands rally for growing movement

Nationwide wage push reaches apex in Philly

Who’ll protect us when we can no longer do this work?

The majority of home care workers have no retirement plan at work.

Preventative care for women is under attack.

Why we’ve joined #PinkOut to defend Planned Parenthood

Let us heed the pope's call to action

Standing together, we can do what it takes to make the impossible possible.

6 things Pope Francis said that will resonate with working families

He challenged Congress to do better on the issues that matter.

Is climate change linked to poverty and human dignity? Pope Francis says yes.

SEIU members join rally for climate action during papal visit

Pope Francis introduced himself to America as 'the son of an immigrant family.'

Our Pilgrims cheered his remarks on immigration and climate change.

After walking 100 miles, they hoped their last steps would shake the Capitol.

As the pope reached Washington, participants in 100 Women, 100 Miles did too.

Pope Francis talks about the dignity of work. His message has drawn workers to Washington.

16 "Pilgrims" pushing for immigration reform and economic justice

Mary Kay Henry welcomes Pope Francis and encourages conversation for working people

President Henry on why Pope visit matters to working people

Breakfast with the pope?

Join the discussion on SEIU.org on Thursday morning, during the pope's speech!

Massive protest against government austerity plan in Puerto Rico

Unions, students, and local organizations march in solidarity

SEIU remembers September 11 victims

Their lives as seen through the eyes of their friends, relatives, and co-workers

Mary Kay Henry: Recounting an inspirational Labor Day in Boston

I joined thousands of SEIU members and others to hear President Obama

SEIU Nurses, Are You In?

Join the national conversation: “How Do We Shape the Future of Nursing?”

Professors launch Faculty Forward Network

Higher Education Activists Rally Around a Growing Movement

In loving memory of John Reid

Share your reflections and stories of his life

Go Social Security—it’s your birthday

It has your back in good times and bad

Members of Congress, child care providers, and parents stand together by the U.S. Capitol (VIDEO)

No one who works hard caring for your children should live in poverty.

King v. Burwell

A nurse’s fight to keep the Affordable Care Act

7 home care providers share front-line stories about caring for others

Home care roundtable with Secretary Clinton resonates with nurses

Home care providers and consumers will tell their stories to Hillary Clinton

They're joining together to provide quality care. Watch live here on Thursday!

These 6 SEIU members are fighting for clean power

Asthma and other health hazards mean we must act

Detroit janitors win strong new contract

"We were fighting for all of Detroit"