2:05 PM Eastern - Thursday, January 15, 2009

CEOs: We'll take our ball and ship it overseas

Business leaders and CEOs are developing a new strategy to combat the Employee Free Choice Act: threaten to take jobs overseas and divest from America.

Failed Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney said as much this morning:

It is an idea that would have devastating impact on the economy--short term and long term. It would lead investors to send their funds elsewhere, businesses to expand elsewhere and jobs to relocate elsewhere.

Gary Shapiro, the President of the Consumer Electronics Association, said basically the same thing earlier in the week:

"A fast-moving, successful tech company with differential compensation and incentive compensation and the need to adapt quickly is inconsistent with the straitjacket of a union environment. The tech industry executives I represent simply can't believe Congress would enact a card-check law that could force jobs overseas."

The Employee Free Choice Act is a strong economic solution that will help millions of working Americans get better wages and benefits. This kind of attack against the Employee Free Choice Act is the equivalent of CEOs taking their ball and going home.

Let's be clear: the only thing that would force jobs overseas are greedy CEOs who don't want to see America be successful. We need the Employee Free Choice Act to help America's workers, and CEOs should not be allowed to take jobs overseas because of it.

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