Hilda Solis Will Stand for Justice, Open Doors for Millions of Workers in America

Hilda Solis Will Stand for Justice, Open Doors for Millions of Workers in America

Published 2:34 PM Eastern - Friday, January 9, 2009

Statement by SEIU EVP Eliseo Medina Supporting Hilda Solis's Confirmation as U.S. Secretary of Labor

WASHINGTON, DC--SEIU Executive Vice President Eliseo Medina issued the following statement in support of Representative Hilda Solis's confirmation as U.S. Secretary of Labor:

"At this critical juncture in our great nation, I cannot think of anyone more qualified than Representative Hilda Solis to re-establish the U.S. Labor Department's priorities of justice, fairness, and equal opportunity for all workers.

"A daughter of labor leaders, Rep. Solis knows first-hand the economic struggles facing Americans today, and she has become an outspoken advocate for the millions of Americans who, despite getting up and working hard every day, are too often forced to choose between the impossible--covering rent or taking their sick child to the doctor, taking on another job or losing their home.

"I have long admired Hilda's passion, perseverance, and unyielding strength. Years ago in California, I watched as she took on the employers of large supermarket chains who were denying fair pay and illegally exploiting thousands of hard-working janitors. Years later, during the LA janitors strike, Rep Solis used her talents as a consensus-builder to bring employers and janitors together, unite their diverse interests, and help secure fair wages and affordable healthcare for thousands of janitors.

"Rep. Solis has also become a champion for the rights of immigrant workers. As a daughter of immigrants, Rep. Solis exemplifies the American Dream and the tremendous contributions that immigrants have made and will continue to make to our country. Rep. Solis knows that fixing our broken immigration system and restoring the rule of law is the only way to guarantee civil rights and basic fairness for all workers--no matter where they come from.

"Today, as she stands at the threshold of history, ready to serve her country as the first Latina Secretary of Labor, we are reminded that Solis' story is truly the American story. Her values--hard work, commitment to economic fairness, and willingness to fight for justice--are America's values.

"In support of America's workforce, we urge Congress to move swiftly so that Rep. Solis can begin her work to improve lives and open doors for millions of workers in America."

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