12:04 PM Eastern - Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Congressman Boren and Cintas Hanging You Out to Dry

On the morning of March 6, 2007, Eleazar Torres-Gomez was killed when he tried to unjam an industrial conveyor belt at an Oklahoma plant of Cintas, an industrial laundry company.

He was dragged into an operating industrial dryer, and trapped inside it for twenty minutes. Alone on the Cintas factory floor, no one could hear Eleazar's screams as he was smothered and cooked to death inside the dryer, which reached temperatures of up to 300'F.

It didn't have to happen. You see, Eleazar did not have the free choice to join a union, so no one could negotiate with his employer, Cintas, for safety precautions that could have saved his life.

Oklahoma Congressman Dan Boren opposes giving workers the free choice to join a union. He opposes giving fellow Oklahomans like Eleazar Torres-Gomez the ability to negotiate for safety precautions that save lives.

This is not acceptable. Watch this video about Rep. Dan Boren and safety and Cintas, and then tell Dan Boren to protect Oklahoma's working families.

Click here to watch the video and take action: http://action.seiu.org/page/s/boren

Here's the thing, though. Workers at Cintas' leading competitor, Aramark, have the proper safety equipment and precautions in place. Why? Because laundry workers at Aramark had the free choice to join a union, which fought for the very safety measures that could have saved Eleazar's life. Today Aramark has the proper precautions in place.

Under the Employee Free Choice Act, workers would have the free choice to join a union so they can negotiate for better wages, benefits, and working conditions.

But corporate special interests are spending *millions* of dollars on lies, propaganda and twisting arms -- all in a desperate, greedy bid to keep hard-working Oklahomans like you from sharing in the American Dream.

And Rep. Dan Boren is more than happy to help those corporate interests.

Tell Dan Boren to give Oklahomans like the Torres-Gomez family the kind of representation they deserve. Ask him to support the Employee Free Choice Act.


The stakes couldn't be higher. Giving us a fair chance to bargain for better pay, benefits and job security will help restore our struggling middle class and make our economy work for all of us.

It's time for Dan Boren to stand up for people like us.

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