Kathleen Sebelius Ready to Lead Healthcare Reform in 2009

Kathleen Sebelius Ready to Lead Healthcare Reform in 2009

Published 12:28 PM Eastern - Monday, March 2, 2009

Mark McCullough, 202-730-7680

WASHINGTON, DC - "President Obama's appointment of Governor Kathleen Sebelius confirms his commitment to health care reform. This is yet another clear signal that this is the year to make quality, affordable health care for everyone a reality.

Health care reform is crucial to fixing the economy, and with Kathleen Sebelius at the helm of Health and Human Services, we can be sure it gets the attention and sound management it deserves," said SEIU International Secretary-Treasurer Anna Burger today.

"Too many working families are one health care crisis away from financial ruin - families like that of Paula Hall, a child care worker from Spokane, who--failing to qualify for state aid and unable to afford COBRA--lost her home to spiraling medical debt. Piecemeal reform won't work for Paula, and it won't work for America.

"For years, Kansas families have had a strong advocate in Governor Sebelius, who made health care reform the centerpiece of her administration. As Insurance Commissioner, Governor Sebelius fought to expand Kansans' access to quality, affordable insurance by holding insurance companies accountable. America is fortunate to have an experienced and proven reformer at the helm of Health and Human Services.

"Governor Sebelius has made clear that fixing our economy will require fixing healthcare and that the time to act is now. It is time we close the book on Americans working two or three jobs and still not being able to afford the health care coverage they and their families need. America can do better than that. SEIU looks forward to working with Governor Sebelius, Democrats, and Republicans to find sensible solutions to making America's healthcare system work for everyone."

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