SEIU Healthcare's Dennis Rivera: "There's No Time to Waste"

SEIU Healthcare's Dennis Rivera: "There's No Time to Waste"

Published 4:33 PM Eastern - Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lori Lodes, (202) 730-7680; Mark McCullough, (202) 730-7283

WASHINGTON, DC - SEIU Healthcare Chair Dennis Rivera released the following statement after participating in today's White House Forum on Health Reform:

"President Obama has done more to reform our healthcare system during his short time in office than we saw in the entire previous eight years. In his address to Congress, the President made healthcare reform a top priority for his Administration. His budget proposal makes that work possible. Today's healthcare summit underscores the urgency and the groundswell of support to get it done. By bringing together Democrats, Republicans, insurance companies, labor, doctors, employers, business leaders and patient advocates, President Obama is getting the best ideas on how to make real reform happen from those who work on the front lines of this issue every day. It's time for Congress to step up with the same commitment and work with the President and key stakeholders in a bipartisan manner.

"With the economic downturn putting a strain on families and state budgets alike, the need for real solutions is more urgent than ever. There is no time to waste.

"Only by working together can we achieve success. The American people deserve nothing less."

MEDIA NOTE: Rivera participated in a panel discussion on ways to lower the cost of care while expanding affordable coverage to more hardworking Americans. To set up an interview with Mr. Rivera, please call Meghan Finegan at (617) 284-1116 or (617) 283-8597.

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