4:44 PM Eastern - Monday, April 13, 2009

Chamber of Commerce's New Anti-worker TV Ads: More of the Same

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is launching a $1 million television ad campaign this week against the Employee Free Choice Act, adding to the millions they've already spent to circulate lies about the bill. The new attack ads feature management-level employees sounding outraged about "un-American" legislation that would allow "a bureaucrat from Washington" to tell people how to run their businesses.

In other words, simply a remix of the same, tired arguments the Chamber has used for decades to defeat popular pieces of legislation. We've highlighted some of these recycled critiques for you here:

When confronted with legislation that would improve American workers' lives, the Chamber of Commerce invariably threatens economic ruin and unbridled bureaucratic control to lobby support for their anti-worker point of view.

Thankfully, their predictions have never come true. Consider the important pieces of legislation the Chamber has lobbied against in the past:

On rights for people with disabilities: When the Americans with Disabilities Act was being debated back in 1989, the Chamber opposed it, saying, "Small businesses simply do not have the money in the bank."
("Disabled-Rights Bill Praised and Feared," Newsday, 9/9/89)

On guaranteed family medical leave: The Chamber opposed the Family Medical Leave Act back in 1991, claiming, "We think most Americans don't want the federal government to be their personnel administrators." ("Alternative Parental Leave Bill," Washington Post, 5/15/91)

On minimum wage increases: In 2007, the Chamber also opposed increasing the minimum wage, claiming that "Even this modest increase will hurt free enterprise."

Had enough of the same old lies? Join our campaign to pass the Employee Free Choice Act.

Read more about this legislation at seiu.org/employeefreechoice.

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