2:08 PM Eastern - Thursday, April 30, 2009

Huge News at Bank of America: Watch the Video

Something remarkable happened yesterday. A majority of Bank of America's shareholders voted to oust Ken Lewis as Chairman of the company's board.

This is huge.

Shareholders cast an unprecedented vote of no confidence on Ken Lewis' leadership at Bank of America. It's the first step to real accountability at the financial giant.

Watch this video about yesterday's news and what we did around the country this week in support of accountability at Bank of America.

After weeks of advocating for major reforms at Bank of America we delivered more than 90,000 signed "taxpayer proxy cards" to the shareholder meeting yesterday. Allies like MoveOn.org, Brave New Films, True Majority, and many others were instrumental in the success of our actions.

Let's be clear: what happened yesterday is just the first step towards holding Bank of America accountable. Shareholders delivered a major vote of no confidence, but there's much more to be done.

While Ken Lewis is out as chairman of the board, he still remains the CEO of Bank of America. That's why we're calling on CEO Ken Lewis and new BofA Chairman Walter E. Massey to immediately implement these changes:

  1. Commit to real financial reform
  2. Stop consumer abuses and predatory lending practices that hurt communities
  3. Provide bank workers access to affordable healthcare
  4. Stop lobbying against pro-worker legislation like the Employee Free Choice Act to ensure bank workers have a voice on the job to protect consumers.

But for today, take a moment to watch this video about your efforts and what we've accomplished in the last several days. Click here to watch and tell your friends:


Thanks for all you've done to reform Bank of America. Our work is just beginning. We're glad to have you on board.

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