1:36 PM Eastern - Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SEIU Healthcare Illinois Ad: Don't cut home care and child care to the bone

An ad campaign launched this week begging Illinois lawmakers not to cut home care and child care services funding "to the bone" in FY10 budget. The ad campaign by SEIU Healthcare Illinois--representing more than 35,000 child care providers and 35,000 workers who provide home care to seniors and people with disabilities--includes television, radio, print, online and billboards ads that have begun in Springfield, Ill. and will spread across the state in the coming weeks.

Watch the TV ad here:

If carried out, the proposed budget cuts to state-funded child care and home care services in the FY10 budget would have a devastating effect on workers and the people they care for. "Cutting a few hours of care a week may not seem like a big deal to number crunchers, but for many seniors and our families it determines whether or not we are able to stay in our homes and near our loved ones," said Marlin Hosick, a 73-year-old Pekin resident who is one of the 51,000 Illinois seniors receiving in-home care through the Community Care Program. Even slight cutbacks would require these seniors to reassess their need for constant care--likely forcing many into nursing homes.

SEIU Healthcare Illinois is part of a broader coalition, Campaign for Illinois' Future, that supports an income tax increase to help fill the the estimated $12.4 billion budget gap, rather than cutting vital programs and services. If you live in Illinois, act now to stop devastating cuts to quality care.

Tell Springfield: Don't Cut Home Care and Child Care.

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