2:34 PM Eastern - Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rick Scott's 30-Minute Lie

Rick Scott has a track record of deceit.

That's why it's hard to believe that, right now, NBC plans to air a 30-minute fake "documentary" by Rick Scott after this week's Meet the Press program in the Washington, DC market.

SEIU is sending a letter to NBC and Meet the Press, asking for this 30-minute ad be pulled off the air before it runs.

Can you join us and sign this letter, telling Meet the Press and NBC not to tarnish their brand with Rick Scott's swiftboating? Click here to sign the letter.

Scott's previous ads contained blatantly false statements and misleading excerpts of interviews with health care professionals.

We're telling NBC that if Scott's fake "documentary" contains any falsehoods (which is likely, given his track record), they could face an FCC violation and big fines. We're also warning Meet the Press that they're being used by Rick Scott, and will be tarnished by his swift-boating.


Media organizations like NBC and Meet the Press have a responsibility to not air falsehoods, and they listen to feedback from you, their customers.

Click here to sign the letter and get Rick Scott's lies off the air.

Together, we can make sure Scott's 30-minute phony "documentary" won't go unchallenged.

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