3:07 PM Eastern - Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tell Wells Fargo: Save Jobs at Hartmarx

email20090512-wellsfargo.jpgThe public gave Wells Fargo $25 billion in bailout funds, but rather than investing that money in American jobs by keeping credit flowing, Wells Fargo is considering cutting the cord.

Workers at Hartmarx, the Chicago-based apparel company that makes President Obama's suits, may lose their jobs if Wells Fargo forces the company to liquidate. Two of the bidders on the manufacturer have said that they see the value in continuing the production of top quality suits and will keep the plant open and a third bidder wants to liquidate.

These Hartmarx workers are members of Workers United, SEIU's newest affiliate.

Please take a moment to sign a letter to Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf asking him to choose a bidder who will save these jobs. We'll make sure the letter is delivered with your signature and keep you updated on the situation.


Yesterday, workers at Hartmarx voted in favor of a "sit in," which means that if Wells Fargo or a buyer tries to close the factory, the workers will remain at their job site.

These workers are taking a stand not just for their own jobs for all workers jeopardized by shortsighted banks.

The predecessor unions of Workers United like the ILGWU (remember "look for the union label") have represented Hartmarx employees for almost a hundred years.

Please stand with them today by co-signing the letter to Wells Fargo right now.

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