5:10 PM Eastern - Friday, May 8, 2009

US Chamber: We Hate Arbitration. Except For When We Love It.

In a post on the US Chamber of Commerce's blog, Brad Peck attempts to argue against our point that corporate lobby groups - such as the Chamber itself - were long for arbitration before they started assailing the process as a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad thing.

One problem about his argument: it has no argument.

Anti-worker groups have attacked the "first contract arbitration" portion of the Employee Free Choice Act. That provision seeks to stop employers from using endless foot-dragging against workers who have voted for a union, but have yet to secure a contract.

The Chamber's Peck throws some names out against us, calling us "moronic." There's even a reference to the cartoon character Fat Albert, for reasons unclear as of the time of this blog post. But, nope, no actual argument.

Perhaps it's because they actually have no argument other than "we like arbitration - but only when we get to set the rules."

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