3:01 PM Eastern - Friday, August 28, 2009

SEIU Members in New Jersey Endorse Governor Corzine

More than 45,000 SEIU members in New Jersey today announced their strong support for Governor Jon Corzine as the clear choice for working families this fall. SEIU's New Jersey State Council, 1199SEIU, 32BJ, Local 518, Local 617 and the Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR) cited Governor Corzine's strong record of expanding healthcare for New Jersey families and his continued leadership to help families recover from the greatest crisis since the Great Depression as reasons for their support.

Unlike Republican candidate and former Bush appointee Chris Christie, SEIU members say that Governor Corzine has shown time and time again that he stands on the side of working families over corporate interests. Governor Corzine worked with the legislature to find bipartisan budget solutions to protect vital community services and didn't unfairly target working families struggling to survive the economic downturn. Meanwhile, Christie said "it will be a priority for the Christie administration to reduce corporate business tax rates" while all spending programs and every budget item--including education funding and healthcare--will be on the table for budget cuts.

While Christie advocates cuts to childcare programs like NJ Family Care (just like George W. Bush), Governor Corzine expanded NJ Family Care to qualify 80,000 additional children and even took the Bush Administration to court to stop their efforts to strip 10,000 kids of their NJ Family Care coverage.

And while Christie wants to allow CEOs to continue firing, harassing and intimidating workers who try and join a union, Governor Corzine supports legislation leveling the playing field to allow workers to unite on the job. He believes that protecting workers' freedom to form unions is key to restoring the middle class by allowing workers to negotiate for safer workplaces, and higher benefits and wages just like CEOs do. "Governor Jon Corzine has been a true leader and advocate for New Jersey's working families throughout his public service and we are proud to stand with him now as he has so often stood with us in the past," said Milly Silva, SEIU New Jersey State Council President. "We will be out in front to help voters understand that Governor Corzine is fighting for their families while the other candidate is instead going to follow in the footsteps of George W. Bush and Karl Rove to fight for the special interests and corporate insiders."

On Monday, August 31st in Jersey City, Governor Corzine will join SEIU nursing home workers at a major rally. More info about the rally and this endorsement after the break.

What: Governor Corzine joins rally for SEIU nursing home workers

Where: Fountain Park, Journal Square
Jersey City, NJ

When: 3:00 pm EDT

SEIU members are committed to running an aggressive campaign at the doors and on the phones to mobilize and organize their co-workers and neighbors on behalf of Governor Corzine. "Without Governor Corzine's support of the prevailing wage law, I wouldn't have had healthcare coverage when I was battling cancer," said Maritza Palacios, 32BJ member and cleaner at Newark's Penn station. "I will be knocking on doors to make sure all my friends and neighbors know what the Governor has done to help New Jersey's working families."

Additionally, Governor Corzine will "Walk A Day" in the shoes of a school cafeteria worker during the beginning of this school year. Spending a day with an SEIU member on the job will help Governor Corzine experience firsthand what it's like to work and raise a family in New Jersey today. Stayed tuned for more details on the WAD.

SEIU represents long-term care, building service, hospital systems, and public service workers across New Jersey.

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