6:45 PM Eastern - Thursday, August 27, 2009

Woman's Son Denied Coverage Because of Acne

Yes, you read that right. Take a moment. Collect the pieces of your shattered brain. And let me repeat:

This woman's son was denied health care coverage because her insurance company said his acne was a pre-existing condition.

Watch the video here:

There are no words. Oh wait, my rage found some:

This is bureaucracy in action. This is a clear and obvious sign that our health care system is broken. Is acne painful, and sometimes embarrassing? Sure. Is it a prohibitively expensive, life threatening condition for which an adolescent boy should be denied health care coverage? Absolutely, positively no. Not that anyone should be denied coverage for any reason, but even by the health insurance companies' ridiculous standards, this logic is absurd. What's next? Denying someone coverage because they can't get a date to prom?

All flippancy aside, this is no joke for the family in this situation. Even though this woman's family pays a premium of $500 every month, her son is still not covered because of a broken health care system that lets abuses of power like this happen.

For those who oppose a public health plan option, because they fear government bureaucracy, guess what? The nightmare of bureaucratic delay and lack of care that you fear is one we're living in now. We need reform this year. It's time to wake up.

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