1:36 PM Eastern - Thursday, October 8, 2009

Women and Insurance: Paying More, Getting Less

Today, nine female Senators stood on the floor of the US Senate and gave a powerful voice to the thousands of women in this country who are continually and systematically discriminated against by the insurance industry. Here are some of the highlights from this morning's powerful performance:

Every Senator who spoke drew attention to the fact that women are paying higher premiums for the same policies as their male counterparts. And five women Senators mentioned the fact that domestic violence is still considered a pre-existing condition in some states.

Sen. Gillibrand perhaps summed up the outrage these Senators felt best when she said: "Pregnancy should never be a pre-existing condition. Such discrimination is unacceptable and is contrary to our core American values of equality and equal rights."

Following the floor speeches, Sen. Dodd put out a statement of support for women's health care, noting that "I'm willing to bet that even though women don't need prostate exams, our wives, sisters, and daughters want us to be able to get them."

As Sen. Mikulski said, "We want equal access and equal benefits for equal premiums." Sign our petition demanding that Congress passes a health care bill that eliminates gender discrimination in our medical system.

And, if you want to catch the female Senators in action again, be sure to watch Larry King tonight!

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