1:34 PM Eastern - Monday, November 2, 2009

Make Yourself Heard in Washington: Tweet Your Senator!

In our continued efforts to stop an amendment introduced by Senator David Vitter (R-LA) and Bob Bennett (UT-R) that would stop the 2010 Census dead in its tracks, last week SEIU launched a new Twitter tool broadening our online capacity to reach our elected officials. Try it yourself--go to www.DontWreckTheCensus.org and tweet your Senator to vote NO on Vitter-Bennett amendment #2644!

Since SEIU joined civil rights groups and a unified group of former U.S. Census Directors to fight the Vitter-Bennett amendment, the opposition to the misguided proposal continues to grow. This week, Sen. Mary Landrieu wrote a biting letter to her colleague Sen. Vitter warning him that she would not support the amendment.

"Your amendment, as currently drafted, would only do harm to our country by delaying the Census at a cost of $1 billion to our already beleaguered taxpayers and to our state."
In the letter, Landrieu goes on to write to Vitter, "If you are ever interested in setting aside political gamesmanship and working together with me on a serious initiative to reform the laws that govern illegal immigration and Congressional apportionment, I would welcome your support." Read coverage of Landrieu's stand against the Sen. Vitter.

The vote on the Vitter-Bennett amendment to the Commerce, Justice and Science Appropriations bill has been delayed multiple times-which gives us more time to make our voices heard. Don't let hate rule--go to Don't Wreck the Census.org to learn more and take action.

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