10:50 AM Eastern - Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wells Fargo, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect 25 Billion Dollars


Yesterday, SEIU Local 26 janitors, students, and other community allies protested Wells Fargo's foreclosures and lending practices at the Wells Fargo Center in downtown Minneapolis. To highlight how Wells Fargo is "playing monopoly with lives," 'Minneapoly' money rained down on the lobby, and gamepiece houses littered the floor as people held up pieces of a "Minneapoly" board showing the number of homes foreclosed on in Twin Cities metropolitan counties during 2009.

After taking billions in bailouts from taxpayers when they needed bailing out, the bank needs to stop playing monopoly with working Americans' lives--and help people get back on their feet keep their homes. This would be pretty drastic switch in use of funds for the big bank though--after accepting $25 billion in bailouts, Wells Fargo execs gave themselves $26.5 billion in compensation and bonuses for 2009.

Watch video of the action below, and check out some more photos after the break.

"It's outrageous to me that after taking billions of our tax dollars in bailout money, the big banks are still foreclosing on people's homes instead of keeping mortgages affordable and keeping their customers," said Rosalina Gavilan Gomez, a janitor at US Bancorp in Minneapolis who recently lost her home to foreclosure.




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